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The i am gr8ful club coaches:


Kim Serafini is a leader with a brilliant mind and a heart of gold. Her title “Queen of Gratitude” comes from the gift she gives whenever she touches your life. Kim understands that we create a world that works and live in greater joy as we experience gratitude every day. I am gr8ful for Kim as a woman of valor and believe her creative work will transform millions of lives. I encourage you to participate in Kim’s vision of families, communities, and countries appreciating those who support us and appreciating everything in our natural world. The world is a better place as we do.

Paul Scheele
CEO of Scheele Learning Systems



Kim is a radiant soul and a gracious spirit. Whenever I am with her, I feel uplifted even when we “meet” virtually. Her mission of creating a more gr8ful world crosses every boundary and transcends time. Kim’s work within the iamgr8ful club, her gorgeous books, and the Enriching Visions program anchors gratitude as a way of being. When this happens, it transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary and even anger can give way to love. As enough individuals establish a practice of gratitude, we can cease many struggles and experience more peace. I know this is the vision within Kim’s heart. Her brilliant mind works tirelessly towards this intention. Kim’s presence is truly angelic and her work is of the highest realm.

Cheryl Valk

Founder of Savvy in Life – Synergy of Success and Vice President of Scheele Learning Systems


Kim Serafini is one of the most extraordinary people I've had the pleasure of meeting. She's brilliant, kind-hearted and eternally gives to others. When Kim Serafini walks into a room, or is in your presence your life will be enriched in every way. She knows how to make things happen and she does make things happen. There are people who talk a good talk, and not only does she communicate beautifully and profoundly, she delivers way above and beyond any expectations. I highly highly highly (did I say "highly"?) recommend her.

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author aka "The Best Seller Maker"

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 Live a Wealthier, Healthier, and Happier Life

With Kim Serafini 


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Experience the wisdom of transformational teachers without travel.


Enjoy the visual imagery technology to foresee the future you want.


Now you can enrich your life and learn from the very best in less time while you save money.

Your Gold Pass Annual Membership in the i am gr8ful club for on year gives you the following benefits
with this offer you get the special bonus of the latest imagery technology:

  1. Premium content with coaching videos from thought leaders such as Paul Scheele, Marci Shimoff, Arielle Ford plus dozens of more teachers.
  2. Enriching Visions, a breakthrough program of imagery that elevates your mood and allows your imagination to work towards your intentions.
  3. VIP access to Enriching Visions Plus, the latest advancement in imagery technology to train your brain to create the future you desire which is being released in October 2011.
  4. Be grandfathered to renew your special Annual Gold Pass Membership for another year at this special discounted membership dues when it is time to renew in a year's time. A renew payment is automatically set up on PayPal which you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.


i am gr8ful club is the ‘one-stop shop'…your source for learning and tools to enrich your life.

It’s so simple & easy through the i am gr8ful club!

Your finances, health, relationships and spiritual life are enhanced with each online visit.

You can pan the “gold” from teachers who are masters in their areas of expertise.

The i am gr8ful club is a GATEWAY created for you!


The club has a GATE…your membership. As you enter the gate as a member, we will provide the way for you to receive the keys from our coaches and experience:

  • Gratitude to soar and thrive more in changing times.
  • Abundance to be prosperous in all ways and to realize your intentions.
  • Transformation to make lasting positive shifts and improve your life.
  • Enrichment to play and stay in shape with coaching and exercises for emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Your Annual Gold Pass membership in the i am gr8ful club gives you access to material from dozens of leaders plus the Enriching Visions program and soon to be released Enriching Visions Plus technology.


The retail value for both the Gold Pass membership and the Enriching Visions Plus technology is $894.00.


The Gold Pass membership for one year and the Enriching Visions Plus technology are yours for just $197.00

You will SAVE almost $700.00!!!


Plus your annual membership will stay at this special low price in subsequent years when you renew next year.


And as a special thank you we will send you wherever you are in the world,
your personal signed copy of Kim Serafini’s book, i am gr8ful for you
. (Retail value $23.99)




You’ll learn quickly and easily through the coaching videos while you enjoy 

the mind-stimulating visual journeys as you realize the rich life you deserve.


This is playtime that will make you unsinkable! 

You get the supportive coaching and the exercises to realize a fantastic future… 

Enriching Visions is a technology to play with your mind’s full power to create what it can imagine. 

You will play with the original Enriching Visions program BEFORE you create your own personal and customized program with the soon to be released, Enriching Visions Plus... 

It's important that you play with Enriching Visions for at least 30 days before creating a personal program through the Enriching Visions Plus technology... 

Enriching Visions Plus will be a custom program made for you within a matter of seconds after you choose the specifics you want to see and realize in your life... and this is best done AFTER you've experienced the coaching, exercises, and power of the original program... 

This is a Quantum Leap in creative imagery technology. It will amaze and delight YOUR MIND!


The i am gr8ful club gives you much more than one or two coaches… you get the wisdom of dozens of coaches who are successful leaders! It is like having a board of advisors to mentor you without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars and hours to get the insights, inspiration, and information you need to live a live you can be truly grateful for and fully appreciate as you realize each enriching goal.

You get a system that produces a new state of consciousness…one in which gratitude opens the flood gates of goodness, generosity, and GREAT success! Your membership in the i am gr8ful club is a place to play and become emotionally and mentally more resilient and fit through the positive state of gratitude.


Here is what members say about being a member…


This is Bec This is Alan This is Anni This is Marie This is Rory
I have changed so much since I joined the iamgr8ful club. Watching the Enriching Visions has made me so much more positive. Ideas are coming to me and I'm actually taking action! The info is awesome. I truly am gr8ful for the 'iamgr8ful club'.
~ Bec M
Since joining the I am Gr8ful club I've been looking forward to watching the Enriching Visions movie every day. It has helped me to focus on various goals and has installed a great confidence in me to look forward, aim high and to be a better person.
~ Alan P
In the 'iamgr8ful club' I found enriching insights from world class teachers and experts on the power of gratitude. They are easy to use and have helped me change my thoughts and results. My heartfelt thanks for all the inspiring ideas.

~ Anni T
This is simply an Awesome club! Enriching Visions puts you in a positive state and makes it easy for you to reference that positivity all day! Great value and easy to access. This is the best package I have ever had access to!

~ Marie M
I was looking to implement better habits into my life. I knew there was much more to me but couldn't find the key. Here I can stay focused to achieve the changes I want in my life. Gratitude is powerful ~ try it on and be amazed by the positive emotions.
~ Rory C


Imagine the forecast for your future being more…

  • Financially sound and growing
  • Physically healthy
  • Mentally positive
  • Emotionally balanced
  • Spiritually fulfilling

 So what would your dream life look, sound, feel, taste and smell like?


As a Gold Pass member of the i am gr8ful club over the next year you get coaching and the Enriching Visions technology to change your future to a bright one…

All you have to do is join, play, watch, and apply!

Here is what you get:

  • Access to video coaching sessions from dozens of thought leaders
  • Educational and inspirational articles
  • Enriching Visions Technology 
  • Specials from i am gr8ful coaches

This is for you if you want to live a life that you TRULY love. Take advantage of our special offer... 


Now you can enjoy significant savings for the Gold Pass Annual membership in the i am gr8ful club!


The iam gr8ful club GOLD PASS Annual membership will be launched to the general public in October for $397... Right now - for you, it's ONLY $197! And you will be grandfathered in at this special price of $197 in subsequent years when you renew.


Plus you get the FREE bonus of the Enriching Visions Plus technology that will be offered for $497 as your special gift for being an early bird... and JUST for the fact that you're JOINING right before we launch it formally. YOU DESERVE to have a rich life! 


JOIN NOW and get mentored by the best and have the technology to train your brain to create the future you desire. 


Your  Gold Pass membership in the i am gr8ful club over the next year (and beyond, if you choose to renew for the same low price) gives you access to material from dozens of leaders plus the Enriching Visions program and soon to be released Enriching Visions Plus technology. (Retail Value for both the Gold Pass membership and the Enriching Visions Plus technology is $894.00)


Gold Pass membership and the Enriching Visions Plus are yours for just $197.00
You will SAVE almost $700.00!!!


Plus your annual membership will stay at this special low price in subsequent years when you renew next year.


And as a special thank you we will send you wherever you are in the world,
your personal signed copy of Kim Serafini’s book, i am gr8ful for you
. (Retail value $23.99)



Our members tell us they are:

  • happier
  • more confident
  • more optimistic
  • more in control

They also feel:

  • better supported
  • more encouraged
  • much more inspired
  • significantly more positive
  • incredibly powerful
  • And relieved!

Some sleep better... others lose weight that's stubborn... some find it easier to exercise... others find it's easier to save money or make wiser investment decisions. Our members harness a continuous program based on:

  • self-fulfilling prophecies
  • positive psychology
  • tried & tested methods from the personal development field
  • exercises informed by 'change management' theories and concepts like "emotional contagion"
  • real life success

Here are some examples of what our members have experienced:

  • getting a promotion at work, that was merely a LONG-HELD hope
  • finally finding the person of their dreams to spend their life with 
  • being a much better mother
  • being a more loving spouse
  • being a 'co-worker' who no longer finds that he's LOST his cool!
  • escaping financial ruin
  • getting a break that means the world
  • landing a significant deal
  • finding time to relax
  • getting through very painful periods with ease and grace 

You're becoming a member of the i am gr8ful club for the next year... and not just a standard member, rather someone with a GOLD PASS. This Gold Pass Membership is a brand new category... and has been designed, based on feedback and suggestions from ALL of our current monthly or annual members. 

This Annual Gold Pass Membership is THE BEST VALUE for you that we could conceive! 

Your annual membership will stay at this special low price in subsequent years when you renew next year.

We are sure that being an Annual Gold Pass Member of club will elevate and energize you to feel more peaceful and provide you with exactly what you really need, when you want it, so that you can keep your heart expanded... taking BOLD steps to transform your life... 

OK... so, here is a summary of what Kim said during her interview on the teleseminar: 

What's so special about this? 


Well, it means you can have INSTANT access to all of the INSIGHTFUL lessons... we've got video interviews with experts... and there's also an extensive range of coaching... Over the next few weeks - MORE and MORE will be ADDED for you as a Gold Pass Member. 

We've made the 'experience' enjoyable, simple and easy... You simply watch videos of interviews with AMAZING leaders in the "Transformational Leadership and Personal Development industry... and take some notes whilst you're at it...then apply the ideas or suggestions you receive.

This information you will get is quite remarkable! In fact, you'll find it INCREDIBLE.

  • Marci Shimoff shares strategies from her book Happy for No Reason
  • Dr Burry Foss explains how "Human Design" is one of the best systems for understanding yourself, once & for all, so that you can REALLY unleash your TRUE potential! Oh, and whilst you're watching Dr Burry Foss, make a note to ALSO watch Chetan Parkyn's interview... 
  • Arielle Ford discuss her "SoulMate Secret" program in a way that helps you understand EXACTLY what to do if you want to experience the 'romance of a lifetime, for life'

And so on...if fact, there are over 60 leaders right now and we're adding another 60 in the next few months. The filmed interviews are with people we call our "Guest Contributing Coaches" - and they REALLY enrich your membership. 

Just think of how you will save…money you'd have to spend to go to an event to hear over 60 leaders... I'd imagine it may be prohibitive for you... YET you want their wisdom, advice, suggestions.

Here are three video previews


Sample Coaching Video :


Sample Video Exercise:


Sample Video of Guest Contributing Coach:



You also get the Enriching Visions program. Plus you get the tremendous bonus

when you become a member of our Enriching Visions Plus technology in October...

this tool is REMARKABLE... it's truly astounding!




1. Thousands of high vibration, powerful, positive images have been selected for you.

2. Empowering statements have been crafted using the principles of positive psychology.

3. You chose what you wish to focus on to create your personal sessions with the technology.


No worries about writing affirmations that work... we've done all of that hard work for you.  


And we're thrilled to have you play with it and most of all enrich your life by your membership!

In summary, when you use this simple, exquisite technology to get your sub-conscious mind to play the game YOU WANT in life... and get the support of a team of world-class, internationally successful experts, you will experience more of your dreams, success, and prosperity in every area of your life. 


Here is a short video gift…to take a peek at what happens to your thinking with images, messages, thoughts, and feelings. Notice the impact on how you feel after you watch it and throughout your day. This is an introductory example of an exercise.



The i am gr8ful club is THE ONLY place you'll need to access your board of mentors or advisors and receive the gold from ALL the best …advice, suggestions, strategies, ideas, insights, plans and exercises to TRANFORM your life and to CONTINUE the process of CONTINUOUS the Enriching Visions technology to go from creative visualization to realization.


Experience an ever expanding you
with a greater potential being realized!


The video coaching sessions are edited into bite-sized, easy to digest parcels of only 5 minutes or so... You can watch in 'any order'... and as many as you like at any one time... with the confidence of being able to 'log-in' to the Premium Content area for Members only.


You’ll be able to watch these videos at a convenient time for you (24/7) and watch them again as often as you would like.

Get your Gold Pass annual membership in the i am gr8ful club and have access to material from dozens of leaders plus the Enriching Visions program and soon to be released Enriching Visions Plus technology.


The Gold Pass membership and the Enriching Visions Plus technology are yours for just $197.00 (Retail Value: $894.00)

You will SAVE almost $700.00!!!


Plus your annual membership will stay at this special low price in subsequent years when you renew next year.



Plus you get a signed copy of Kim Serafini’s book, i am gr8ful for you. (Retail value $23.99)


The content from the coaches is EXCLUSIVE for members of the i am gr8ful club! We've personally interviewed our Guest Contributing Coaches AFTER we've read their materials, seen them speak, used their programs, and benefited from positive results in OUR LIVES... 


We ask around and 'verify' their claims... we seek to understand their reputations... we're interested in the 'real deal'... the authenticity of their claims... 


We VALUE them... we believe in them... we are gr8ful for them... and that's how we decide whether or not we'll add our 'weight' by featuring them on the i am gr8ful club line-up... 


They're SPECIAL people... and we REALLY think you'll find that you're gr8ful for them as well! 
As an i am gr8ful club member, you will also have access our general coaching series... It's educational, informative, and inspirational. We've had feedback like: your exercises are the easiest and best I've EVER come across... 

Our 'regular membership' allows someone to view only a limited number of videos from a just a few of our Guest Contributing Coaches - NOT ALL... Our Gold Pass membership lets you CHOOSE for yourself WHO you want to listen to, when you want to listen to them... 

For example, with our regular membership you would have to wait until the 8
th month to view Peggy McColl's coaching session. Whereas, with a Gold Pass Membership, you can see Peggy McColl's interview as soon as you'd like! 

NOW the i am gr8ful club gives you your very own GPS or Gratitude Positioning System complete with coaching and technology to achieve your life's goals effortlessly and with grace. This is tool makes the whole process SIMPLE and EASY for you...and it's fast! 


Sign up now for your Specially Priced Annual Gold Pass membership in the i am gr8ful club and learn from dozens of leaders plus use the Enriching Visions program and the soon to be released Enriching Visions Plus technology.


The Gold Pass membership and the Enriching Visions Plus technology has a retail value of $894.00.


You get both for only $197.00 You will SAVE almost $700.00!!!


Plus your annual membership will stay at this special low price in subsequent years when you renew next year.


Plus you get the bonus of a signed copy of Kim Serafini’s book, i am gr8ful for you. (Retail value $23.99)



 "From Kim's Desk" 


This offer is available for just a limited time.


We will release this product to everyone in October and it will be $497 for Enriching Visions Plus technology and our Gold Pass Membership is $397 for a year. You save a total of $697.00 with this special offer!

There has been so much intense and sophisticated software development for Enriching Visions Plus and $497 is a very fair and reasonable value for such a stunningly effective product.

This technology takes you Beyond the Vision Board to Apply Creative Visualization to Attract and Achieve Your Desires.

You see, your brain has the power to help you attract and achieve great things. However, most people only use a small part of their brain’s capability to harness this power. Creative visualization and Enriching Visions adds powerful imagery to help you eliminate negative thoughts and focus on what you truly want in your life.


Here is the problem:


We have 80,000 thoughts each day. Sometimes it seems like the thoughts never stop coming. Even when you're trying to meditate or relax, thoughts can take over. However, the thoughts aren't really the problem; it's the energy of the thoughts that pulls most people away from achieving what they want to in life.


We’re talking about negative thoughts. Unfortunately of those 80,000 thoughts we have each day, more than two thirds of them on average are negative thoughts. Thoughts like: I’m fat, I’m stupid, I’m bad with money, I’m afraid I’m going to fail. These thoughts snowball. They cause more negative thoughts and they bring with them negative experiences.


Now there are proven ways to combat negative thoughts. Powerful methods like affirmations, vision boards and meditation all help put you on a path toward more positive thoughts. With each positive thought you have, it too can snowball. You’ll experience more positive thoughts and therefore also have more positive experiences. That’s the essence of a success mindset, being able to set aside negative thoughts, focus on the positive and persevere to achieve your goals and personal definition of success.


The problem is that this transition to having more positive thoughts can take time. Many people have set backs, especially if they're really dealing with very ingrained behavior toward negative thinking. Enriching visions was created to help you take a quantum leap toward living a fully positive powerful life. 


Here is your solution:


Enriching Visions Technology


In a nutshell, enriching visions is a video and audio program that has been designed to reprogram your subconscious mind. It was created carefully by using the most powerfully emotional visions, affirmations and music. It doesn't matter where you are in your life, how much time you have in your day to dedicate to watching enriching visions or what you want to attract in your life - enriching visions allows the universe to deliver.


The Nitty Gritty on Enriching Visions


Enriching visions is an hour-long video and you're strongly encouraged to watch it for an hour each day for 100 days. The human brain is unable to differentiate between a real experience and a video experience. It sees the very strategic images and affirmations on the screen and absorbs them as real.

Now, you don't have to watch for an hour.  You can watch for 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes or less. The difference is the speed at which you're watching the video. Watch it for 5 minutes and you're seeing everything you'd see if you watched it for 60; it's just faster.


Why Enriching Visions Works


When you repeat a single affirmation over and over again, you're reprogramming your mind to focus on what you want. However, biases, fears and limitations exist when you create your own affirmation. You may not put as much power in it as possible. And to be honest, you may not be ready to receive that which you are focusing on. For example, if you're trying to attract your soul mate, there may be other things you need to work on or receive before you're ready to meet your soul mate. In this case, the affirmation isn't going to work for you or certainly not as quickly as you'd like. 


Enriching Visions covers every single aspect of your life. Everything you might want to attract into your life is covered by this powerful tool. What this means is that you’re able to attract into your life that which is best for you at that time and in the order that the universe intends.


Enriching Visions is a DYNAMIC vision board for your entire life. And perhaps best of all, it's truly a fun and invigorating tool to use. Use it once and you'll be hooked because it is like taking a vacation whenever you need one wherever you are. Many people find themselves dancing, laughing and just having a great time as they practice their daily enriching visions habit.


Your Annua Gold Pass membership in the i am gr8ful club gives you access to material from dozens of leaders plus you get the the Enriching Visions program and the special bonius of the soon to be released Enriching Visions Plus technology.

Your Gold Pass Membership and Enriching Visions program is only $197.00 (Retail Value $894.00)

You will SAVE almost $700.00!!!


Plus your annual membership will stay at this special low price in subsequent years when you renew next year.


Plus you get the bonus of a signed copy of Kim Serafini’s book, i am gr8ful for you. (Retail value $23.99) 



Expedite Your Success with Gratitude, the Gateway Emotion to Enhance Positive Emotions

     Do you have goals you want to achieve? 

     Is something missing from your life?

     Are you where you want to be in your life? 

If you’re ready to experience the best of what life has to offer but don’t have an abundance of time or money there is an easier way.

Here's how you can expedite your success with the i am gr8ful club.

Most of us aren't living our dream lives. We’re not experiencing the life we desire or the life we've planned. Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you're on the path to success but roadblocks, setbacks and an occasional lack of clarity get in your way. You know where you want to be but you're not exactly sure how to get there.

The i am gr8ful club was designed by Kim Serafini, aka the “Queen of Gratitude” and published author, and Kieron Atkinson, public speaker and personal development expert, to help people experience their best lives by embracing, teaching and supporting members to experience the power of gratitude.

Gratitude takes the power of love, which is the most powerful and productive human emotion, and it applies it to the world. You can be grateful for an experience, you can be grateful for a breath, for a favor, or for a lovely red sports car. The emotion of gratitude is expressing love for the presence of that emotion, experience or material item. It is saying "Thank you". This simple yet very powerful emotion is literally the key to experiencing and living the life you want.

If you've been on the cusp of something great or want more for your life, the club is a way to expedite your success. Instead of floundering for months, years or even decades waiting for everything to come together for you, you can literally begin experiencing your ideal life right now.

The i am gr8ful club is for people who are ready to experience the best of what life has to offer right now. You don't need to dedicate hours each day to the practice of gratitude. Through the very carefully created exercises, coaching sessions, and resources, including the very powerful 'enriching visions' tool, members can use what fits their needs. It’s not a one size fits all program but rather a club that's designed to support you regardless of where you are in your life or where you want to go. You decide how to use the resources and they'll work for you.

For example, many people are searching for their soul mates - the one person who they can spend the rest of their life with. Gratitude is the key to attracting that into your life and the resources provided by club membership can show you how to attract that person into your life.

But what if you don't want a soul mate or you already have one?

What if you want to attract financial success or a dream vacation into your life?

Again, gratitude is the key to attracting those experiences.

Maybe you already have a gratitude practice. Maybe you give thanks every morning or you keep a gratitude journal. This is a wonderful beginning. You’re experiencing the power of gratitude when you practice it. Yet the true power of gratitude is experienced when you feel gratitude continuously and consistently, regardless of what you're presently dealing with. Then you hold the power to attract everything you want and need into your life. It’s true!

If you are tired of struggling and want to live a happier, more positive and more successful life, the i am gr8ful club was designed for you, dear friend. Come play and discover the power of gratitude and the gateway to all our resources for you. 

The Gold Pass annual membership in the i am gr8ful club with all the coaching plus the Enriching Visions program and soon to be released Enriching Visions Plus technology is yours is only $197.00 (Retail Value $894.00)

You will SAVE almost $700.00!!!


Plus your annual membership will stay at this special low price in subsequent years when you renew next year.



Plus you get the bonus of a signed copy of Kim Serafini’s book, i am gr8ful for you. (Retail value $23.99) 



About Kim Serafini

Kim Serafini is not just the owner of four companies living in paradise, she is a person who simply lives and breathes gratitude. Is very easy to look at Kim and think "Oh well, she has everything going mighty fine for her, if I were her, I'd live and breathe gratitude too." You may not believe it, but Kim has also faced adversity (several times) and knows exactly how it is to feel the weight of the world upon one's shoulder.

Kim had worked as a high flying corporate consultant in the United Kingdom & the United States of America and had great amount of success that most corporate moguls can only dream of. A trip to the Himalayas helped her to be aware of the concept of "one is all and all is one", but until her world came crashing right down, did she really come to terms with the true meaning of gratitude. She's made heaps of mistakes and learned some of life's best lessons the hard way.

About 6 years ago things were rather serious... and this continued for several years... She had business dealings with the wrong partners and almost lost everything she worked hard to get. At the same time, she was also diagnosed with serious health complications and to make matters worse, her love life was a total mess - she chose the wrong man to fall in love with. It was a time that was really difficult for Kim, she found herself struggling to make it through each day. So, Kim went back to her parent's place - instead of moping and feeling sorry for herself, Kim discovered the power of gratitude.

Kim is more than eager to share her knowledge about the power of gratitude and her life's philosophy "i am gr8ful" to any individual who is interested in listening. She has spent a considerable amount of her time studying in the field of personal development, self-improvement and positive psychology. Kim has also lead corporate courses in "positive thinking" for about five years now. Her company is known as "I Am Gr8ful" - the figure 8 symbolizes the infinity sign and the infinite number of things, individuals, places, events and phenomena that we can be thankful for.

In 2001 Kim founded Lithos Therapy, a luxurious spa treatment that employs heated & chilled rock instruments (AKA hot stones) with body massage. Lithos Therapy is now used in over 500 Australian day spas and Kim is working to get this special and luxurious healing massage spa treatment employed in other parts of the world. She has distributors in the Middle East and India to this end.

Kim considers herself, a really humble, down to earth person and enjoys sharing her knowledge about how to enhance one's life. She has learnt a lot during her corporate high flyer days and now teaches companies how to employ what she strongly believes is the most underutilized tool of all - and that is, gratitude. She knows that a lot of people say that they will be happy when they finally get such and such, but she wants people to understand that they can be happy right now! According to Kim, "the turnkey is gratitude". Kim understands that bitterness will never ever get you anywhere, on her website, visitors will learn the disadvantages of being ungrateful and that bitter people are known for being ungrateful - bitterness has its baggage of troubles as well.

Kim has been dubbed "The Gratitude Goddess" and is an expert at successfully utilizing all the things she has learnt from her research on positive psychology. She has helped many people see the positive effect of being gr8ful. She knows that there are times when people go through pretty challenging moments in life and think that things may never get better, she helps such people understand that their mind is extremely powerful and that if they continue to feel ingratitude, they will experience a host of other annoying problems.

Kim Serafini makes it an important mission to help people develop and live a life filled with gratitude. In her book, "I AM GR8ful for Life," the reader will learn how to be gr8ful for what he or she might often take for granted, such as air, water, friends, music, etc. Kim is indeed a living testimony of how being constantly gr8ful can help overcome life's troubles.

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