Brynn McLennan - Inroducing Brynn McLennan

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Brynn McLennan is an amazing young woman who, at the age of 12, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. After a series of setbacks on the ice as a hockey player, and then moving on to swimming, Brynn’s mother noticed a change in her daughter’s body. Shortly thereafter, she was diagnosed with the muscular dystrophy. What is so amazing is that Brynn basically reacted in a very unique way. She felt that having a diagnosis was satisfactory and was then ready to plunge into the next steps toward cure and treatment.

Rather than focus on the disease, Brynn’s positive attitude led her to focus all of her attention on the cure and maintenance of her current situation. She and her mother then took steps toward holistic healing to avoid Brynn becoming wheelchair bound.

Stem Cells For Brynn

Rather than engage in a pool of pity and sadness, Brynn immediately chose the path of gratitude toward what she knew she could achieve in fighting her disease. She chose a path of gratitude combined with a positive attitude. Those very things have kept her happy for many years. It is her wish to share her story with others. On her website, she shares information about her path, purpose, and her day to day experiences living with her rare form of MD.

Brynn honestly believes that it is her positive attitude that keeps her out of a wheelchair. Being wheelchair bound was not even remotely an option for Brynn. In her mind’s eye, radiating positive energy would keep her healthy and fit. More importantly, she felt that she was always ready to take the next step forward.

A Healthy & Positive Mindset is Essential for Success

For Brynn, her diagnosis was not a diminishing statement, but a point from which to spring forward. After diagnosis, Brynn simply thought to herself what the next step might be. From there, Brynn and her equally amazing mother went on to discover the use of personalized vitamins, acupuncture, and stem cells just to name a few of the holistic approaches they utilized.

Brynn believes that it was and continues today to be the positive energy fields surrounding her from her mom, extended family and friends, and especially herself that continue to keep her active, fit, and healthy.

Dynamic, Positive and a Role Model for Us All

Brynn is an endearing young lady in that most children her age when diagnosed would focus on the things that they could not or would not be able to do any longer. Instead, Brynn had a focus of forward movement. She always wanted to investigate and explore what to do next to continue the success of her well-being.

To say that Brynn is nothing short of amazing in her attitude toward her diagnosis is truly an understatement. Her positive demeanor is not something that is temporary, but something you can tell that is simply part of who she is. She is the epitome of inspiration.

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