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Sam Cawthorn is nothing short of an amazing and inspirational human being. His near-death experience did not leave him damaged or broken; it made him grateful.

The Bounce Theory

After suffering a horrendous accident in a head-on collision, Sam miraculously survived. Not only did he survive, but also he recovered to go on to help others. Sam is a thought leader, motivational speaker, and the CEO of Empowering Enterprises. He has also been featured in USA Today and The NewYork Times. He is an expert in not only bouncing back but bouncing forward. He's written a book The Bounce Theory, which you can download for free on his website - The Bounce Theory is all about bouncing out of a rut, bouncing back, and bouncing into the life of your dreams.

His work has won him significant awards and accolades, especially where he works with teens to inspire, teach, and guide. He also goes on to express that he is grateful for the life he has and knows that it is due to the changes he had to endure.

A Near Death Experience Brought Dramatic Change and Purpose to Sam's Life

Sam Cawthorn is a charming and enthusiastic young gentleman who beat all odds against death, as he was involved in a horrific head-on collision. However, this did not deter Sam. He decided to embrace life rather than fall prey to the victimization such an accident could cause.

Sam’s family was told that he had very little chance of survival. After a long and difficult recovery, he began his amazing journey stepping back into life with his first steps after his accident.

Sam was in the midst of a career as a youth futurist predicting future trends in Australia when the accident occurred. He has now gone on to become a keynote speaker well known around the world and especially in Australia. Sam went on to win the Young Australian of the Year Award in 2009.

Sam's Contagious Enthusiasm and Spirit are Captured In This Introductory Video

Sam has an amazing youthful spirit that is almost contagious. Sam speaks about the ability to overcome most anything and the ability to take charge of this wonderful thing called life right now. He has an innate ability to teach others how to be flexible and turn something absolutely negative into something completely positive.

Sam Cawthorn is an illumination of courage and perseverance. Sam discusses how he received value from his experience in that he realizes that he cannot change the past, but he can choose how to view his present.

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