Bill Farber - Introduction to Bill Farber

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Bill Farber, as a younger gentleman, was a full-time employee who would attend law school during the evenings. He was also married and led a traditional life. During his quest for something more, he discovered the art of meditation. This collision with meditation completely changed his life.

The Quiet Power of Meditation

He experienced through the art of meditation the ability to heal the mind, body, and spirit. However, there is more; he learned how to apply this technique to helping others. Through his journey of awakening, he was able to share the undercurrent of quietness through meditation to others and, in fact, assist them in their paths.

Life Energy Alignment Program

By tuning into his own quietness, he could expend energy and healing to others, getting in touch with their needs and eventually guiding them forward and helping them to align their own lives. Thereafter, he created a program called LEAP which stands for Life Energy Alignment Program. The more he practiced the art of meditation, the more intuitive he became toward himself as well as others.

Bill Farber developed the Life Energy Alignment Program as a way to meld together all these holistic approaches. While instilling peace and quiet in the body throughout the nervous system and aligning the body with the mind and the spirit, Bill has been able to help others become one within themselves.

Utilizing the simple technique of peace and quiet, Bill is able to help others engage in alignment. It is Bills belief and proven record of accomplishment that being in alignment will allow someone to live in harmony within every single aspect of his or her life. Success, harmony, and personal happiness are all achievable goals with Bill Farbers Life Energy Alignment Program.

The Life Energy Alignment Program can be facilitated into all aspects of someones life. For healing properties, this is an amazing tool that directs itself toward the fact that the body, to a certain degree, has the capability of healing itself. When everyday stressors interfere with that healing process, the Life Energy Alignment Program comes into play in a large fashion. An increase in energy and immunity has been shown through Bill Farbers program.

When Bill assists his clients in their professional career using the Life Energy Alignment Program, they see a difference in many aspects. Steadfastness, energy, and concentration are all improved as well as the ability to block outside deterring forces. A shield of armor seems to surround them after experiencing Bills innovative program.

LEAP and Relationships

With regard to personal relationships, Bill has helped many marriages mend as well as other relationships repair. When energy is blocked with negativity and bitterness, there is no room for love and acceptance. Opening up those channels of energy makes a continual flowing pathway between people that allows positive energy to replace negative.

Bill Farbers Life Energy Alignment Program has helped countless others and may be just the right path to positive energy that you need to travel.

Bill Farber Is a Healer

In this introductory video Bill shares his unique path to meditation, personal transformation, and healing. Its a delightful story that is sure to put a smile on your face and make you think about your own personal path and experiences.

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