Terri Sarrazin - Introduction

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Women of Sincere Intent

Terri Sarrazin is the founder of Women of Sincere Intent. It’s described as a GPS for women over 50. As a 54 year old woman, who is accustom to helping woman find new directions and being a catalyst for their own change and growth. “Aging is a wonderful thing, a time to have new adventures and move forward out of our comfort zones.”

Terri found that as a financial planner she was more often working also as a connector between helping women manage their finances but also guiding them to the right sources for their personal life. She helped them grow and achieve their best life. The birth of a website was born.

A Bevy of Resources

Terri Sarrazin worked in financial planning for approximately three decades. However, Terri found herself directing others toward different paths for various reasons whether it is for health or familial relationships.

Connecting the Dots

Suddenly Terri began to see a connection. Many of her clients were women over the age of 50. Terri recognized a need and, shortly thereafter, offered the resources. Women were looking for new directions as well as for answers to questions most pertinent to women over 50. Terri created the site known as Women of Sincere Intent.

Women of Sincere Intent is a portal for women who need direction in certain areas of their life and a place that they can stop and ask for those directions. Terri created the site with as many avenues as she could in an effort to make navigating for women over 50 fast and easy.

Empty-Nest Syndrome

Terri knows the after-effects of the empty nest syndrome and has a unique perception on it as one of change and growth, new beginnings rather than endings. She also knows that as you near 50, you can look at all of your life experiences and take them for what they were worth and realize (even through the struggles) you made it through and are the person you are today because of those very struggles.

Women of Sincere Intent is a site that shares these and other lovely sentiments by helping women over 50 tap into valuable resources as a focal point and find their way into the next stage of life with Terri’s help.

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