Dr Darren Weissman - Introduction, Beginnings, Love and Gratitude

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Alternative Medicine Changes the Way We Heal

Dr Darren Weissman tells us about how he discovered alternative medicine and how it changed his way of healing people.

Dr. Darren Weissman is an internationally well-known holistic care physician, keynote speaker, and developer and facilitator of the Lifeline technique. Dr. Weissman is an expert on the subject of love and gratitude.

How an Unfortunate Incident Led Dr. Weissman to a New Discovery

Through an unfortunate incident regarding his brother’s car accident, Darren bumped into the world of chiropractors. He decided to follow his intuition and follow the lead and applied to chiropractic school.

Dr. Weissman soon found himself following other avenues such as acupuncture and Chinese medicine to lead him on the journey for which he has arrived today. He began to embrace ideas such as homeopathy and chakras and accept them into his realm of possibility as ways for human beings to become whole and well again.

The Lifeline Technique Flow Chart

By studying with the masters of these fields, Dr. Weissman soon began to discover what he likes to deem as “The Lifeline Technique Flow Chart.” At the basis of this conception, Dr. Weissman soon realized, was love and gratitude. Shortly thereafter Dr. Weissman began to question how to get this premise out to other individuals as he wanted to share his moving and powerful experience in relation to love and gratitude with as many others as he possibly could.

Dr. Weissman wrote the book entitled “The Power of Love and Gratitude” which is based upon a system of healing known as the Lifeline Technique. His book details a completely integrated set of all natural healing modalities known as the Lifeline Technique.

A Way and a Being of Life

As a practitioner of holistic medicine, Dr. Weissman has continued on his journey sharing what he has learned and the techniques and skills he has put into place. For Dr. Weissman, however, this book and the techniques are not about just something else to do, rather they are a way of being in life.

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