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Sandra Anne Taylor is a globally recognized expert on the law of attraction and manifestation. She has a weekly broadcast on Hay House Radio titled Living Your Quantum Success! You can hear her every Monday at 1pm EST.

She’s also a multi published author of life changing books, including:

Secrets of Attraction, applies the Universal Laws to the pursuit of love.

Truth Triumph and Transformation – a book dedicated to examining all of the influences on attraction, clearing out the fears and misconceptions of the Universal Laws.

Secrets of Success, co-authored with Sharon Anne Klingler, explores the holistic and spiritual nature of attraction and manifestation.

28 Days to a More Magnetic Life is a handy, pocket-sized book that offers daily techniques and affirmations to help anyone shift their energy on a regular basis.

Quantum Success, a NY Times Bestseller, offers an enlightening and comprehensive approach to the field of attraction and achievement.

Act to Attract – an in-depth nine-CD audio seminar dedicated to attracting romance.

Sandra Anne Taylor also offers a comprehensive life coaching program and has been featured in several national magazines and television programs.

In this brief introductory video, get to know this bright, energetic speaker - get to know Sandra Anne Taylor. Right away, Kim shares why these coaching sessions with Sandra are so important.

Sandra Ann Taylor is a best-selling author who delves into the arena of codes and patterns of human behavior. Exploring the area of karma and embedded consciusness, Sandra Ann Taylor has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to understand their past in order to reclaim their future.

One of the techniques explored by Sandra is the ability to regress in order to progress. By examining past life experiences, one can heal the present and move forward into the future.

Sandra has a background of over 25 years in psychology offering counsel in the area of depression, addiction, and relationships.

As an international speaker, counselor, and consultant, Sandra has lectured throughout the world. Her radio show heard on Hayhouse radio show entitled “Living your Quantum Success” offers intuitive counsel in areas of the consciousness and energy.

Sandra’s first book entitled “Secretes of Attraction” dives into the deep seas of the Universal Law of Attraction and her audio seminar “Act to Attract” combines modern science together with the ideals of romantic love.

“Truth, Triumph, and Transformation” is a book in which Sandra has explored the inner and outer forces of what may or may not alter attraction and manifestation in one’s life. “Secrets of Success” which Sandra has co-authored goes on to explore the holistic and spiritual side of attraction and manifestation.

“28 Days to a More Magnetic Life” is a veritable how-to guide offering daily mentorship to put in place more positive affirmations on a habitual basis. Sandra’s New York Times best-selling book “Quantum Success” continues today to help hundreds of thousands to uncover the connection between the achievement of success, consciousness, and one’s own energy. Needless to say, Sandra Ann Taylor is a creative, intelligent, and dynamic soul.

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