Crystal Andrus - Kim introduces Crystal

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Crystal Andrus is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation.She is a multi-published author with Hay House. She's a life coach and the CEO and founder of Crystal Andrus Productions—a company dedicated to creating health & healing products.

Simply Amazing

The renowned author of Simply...Woman!, Transcendent Beauty, and Simply...EMPOWERED!, Crystal has had to overcome many obstacles, but today is a best-selling author and motivational speaker in the arena of self-discovery and personal transformation. Beside her best selling books, she also has an incredible website.

From Self Love to Self Discovery

Crystal is well versed in learning to self-love. Loving yourself and accepting that you are a human being that matters, just as every other human life matters, have given Crystal an eye into who she really is and what she wants to continue becoming.

Self-love has led Crystal to self-discovery. Crystal goes on to discuss how that effervescent moment of self-discovery turns the light on in your heart and soul for the rest of your life. She is aglow with embers of fulfillment. However, Crystal does not selfishly keep these secrets to herself; she shares them with the rest of the world.

Crystal has a keen awareness that we are all human and, somehow, that makes us all connected on the same level. She believes that if she is a bright, shining beacon of light, then every human being has the capacity to be one as well.

Just as a sculpture molds his creation, Crystal believes we can all tune in to our intuitive selves and mold the creation we were meant to become. Just as an artist chooses his or her subject as well as his or her colors, she truly feels that everyone else can also make their own path.

Learn How to "Crystalize" Your Life

In this introductory video, Kim shares what epitomizes Crystal and her message. She also asks Crystal what it is that she is most grateful for. Crystal teaches her clients to "crystalize" their dreams and step into their purpose. She's grateful for the discovery that she matters and her life has purpose.

When Crystal discusses her phrase about “crystallizing” your life, she absolutely radiates genuineness. Listening to Crystal speak, one can automatically know that Crystal is sincere and speaks from a place that she, herself, has been in the past. Crystal does not allow the difficult events of her life to unfold and develop into events that are more difficult. She uses her past difficulties as a springboard to future success.

Crystal is most grateful for the gift of yet another day. Every morning she awakens to be grateful for another day, another opportunity, another chance to shine

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