Collette Baron Reid - Introduction to Collette Baron Reid

Runtime: 4.60 mins

Collette Baron Reid has a very long list of successes, which include the fact that she is an intuitive counselor, life strategist, and best-selling author. She has been a part of the Hay House circuit and a motivational speaker as well. Her new book, The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life, has been published in 15 different languages so far. It is receiving rave reviews on Amazon.

Collette Baron Reid is well known for her intuitive counseling techniques, for her highly acclaimed Hay House Radio show, and for being a best-selling author. Not only does Collette have extraordinary talent in being a powerful motivational speaker, but as a renowned life strategist and a recording artist as well.

Collette’s spiritual gifts and talents are unique in that she is full of vibrancy and charisma to match her educational and teaching skills. This combination makes Collette Baron Reid an inspirational, intelligent, and charismatic expert in her field.

In This Extraordinary Introductory Video Collette Baron Reid Shares...

In the first video in this guest coaching series, Collette Baron Reid expresses her gratitude for the struggles that she has had to go through. Through those very struggles, shares what she has learned about suffering and the healing process.

Without suffering, there is not much compassion toward others. Our struggles can be the very thing, if we let them that make us strong as well as compassionate and vulnerable.

Collette teaches that we are all a host to a warm, glowing flame that embodies the Divine that we need to release unto the universe so it can return to us two-fold.

It Begins With Self Love and Compassion

By showing compassion to ourselves first, we can then go on to display compassion to others. Collette is fearless when she describes the unfortunate experiences of her past and goes on further to state that if it were not for those very same experiences, she could not go on toward a life of compassion. Her tragedies helped her to learn about compassion and rather than choosing bitterness, she chose to teach others the artful state of compassion.

As Collette is an intuitive counselor, life strategist, and motivational speaker, she has so much to be grateful for in her life. She is most grateful, however, to have gained self-respect for her gifts and to be honest about them. She goes forth in her life to teach others that you have a choice whether or not to allow fear to make you retreat or to go forward with honesty and openness.

Honest and Fearless About Her Journey

As a bulimic, Collette felt she must hide her secret from everyone until she learned that it was okay to be human. After suffering from bulimia, Collette also had a bout with alcoholism to hide from her pain. It was not until after she realized that having unfortunate experiences and being honest about was perfectly acceptable that she figured out ways to help others. She did not allow her tragedies to control her life. She took control of her life by making conscious choices of how to view and feel about her life’s circumstances.

What an amazing woman Collette is. She could have chosen bitterness and anger, but rather she chose the path toward truth and healing. Collette came to realize that without hurt, you could not heal and without truth, fear would keep you frozen right where you stood. How gracious of her to share her life experiences with us in this amazing video series. Enjoy!

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