Brandy Bennitt - #1: Just Being Happy

Brandy Bennitt speaks on how she sees people can access more happiness

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Shining the Light on Positive Things

Brandy Bennitt talks about how she has found that people can access more happiness by simply recognizing the negative things that constantly are presented to us, shifting them and letting your light shine again.

Brandy has a passion for healing and her main goal and desire is to tap into the spark within that we all possess in order to connect with everyone around us. Brandy feels she can ignite that spark on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Eliminating the Negative and Highlighting the Positive

A big part of what Brandy does is to focus on eliminating the negative and accentuating the positive. When a wall or layer of negativity builds up and you consciously choose to break it down, she feels that you now allow glimmers of light from within to shine outwardly.

Brandy, along with her partner, is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to incorporate bringing lightness through dark walls of negativity.

The Healing Center

Brandy Bennitt and her partner, Ian Mussman have a healing center together. From that healing center, Brandy uses her talents and skills to get the word out, quite literally. She composes case studies and utilizes them for books, lectures, and speaking engagements.

In the Public Eye

Dr. Ian Mussman along with Brandy are co-owners of Alpha Gamma Brain, an organization that utilizes bio resonance feedback testing which is a form of neuro-feedback.

The Evolution Revolution is a television show that Brandy has co-hosted on a monthly basis. Brandy is also the founder of ToSelfMastery, a non-profit organization that is entirely dedicated to assisting countless individuals to reach their highest ground. Within this non-profit organization, Brandy teaches a course entitled “Applied Spirituality: Applying Spiritual Principles to More Prosperous Daily Living.”

On Being an Author Too!

Brandy Bennitt is also the author of a book entitled “The Law, The Grace, The Love, and The Truth” which she co-authored with her partner, Dr. Ian Mussman. With Dr. Mussman’s naturopathic background along with Brandy’s talents and skills, they have helped scores of individuals to tap into and exude their inner light. Together, they help those individuals first recognize that they have that light and secondly, teach them how to let it shine.

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