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What if you could discover Who You Really Are? What if you could KNOW how it is that you are 'wired' so that daily decisions you make are based on evidence that they hold the best outcomes for you? Well, we've found a way, a system, a process for discovering your genetic make-up, programming, your Human Design.

Human Design is a system discovered in 1987 and extended in 2006 that can give you a sense of self-awareness and life strategy based on ancient traditions that describe a person’s characteristics and consciousness. It is based on actual genetic imprints before and at the time of birth and has been proven to be an accurate description of basic human behavior, enabling you to understand how to live your life according to your Human Design Type. Chetan Parkyn (who you will meet below) says that Human Design is like a "code of practice" for your life - a road map of your own genetic make-up that helps you 'know yourself'.

Many people are familiar with Astrology and some use it to guide their thoughts and actions depending on their birth "sign". Human Design takes this concept to a much deeper, personal and intricate level. Using your exact birth location, date and time, your Human Design chart and personal reading can allow you to accurately know who you really are by the genetic imprint made on your 'self' at that very moment. This allows you and those around you to make more informed choices for the "now" and the future by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your Design Type. As this is hard-wired into your genetics, there is no need for daily checking of the horoscopes because you know what your Human Design is, allowing you to make better and more advantageous choices.

Members of the 'i am gr8ful' team have undergone a Human Design reading and have found that it has impacted many areas of their lives. Kim Serafini, founder of the 'i am gr8ful' movement, says that knowing her Human Design Type and what that means (in detail) has answered many questions she had about about herself. These include working out how she should properly interpret feelings and thoughts when making decisions. Her Design reading has also helped her partner to know her better, meaning an enrichment of their relationship.



Chetan ParkynChetan Parkyn has spent the past 18 years mastering Human Design. He is more than a leading practitioner of the system. He has made it his mission to bring Human Design to the whole planet so that everyone, including you, can be better informed on who they really are. In 2009 Chetan wrote the first major book on Human Design. Combined with powerful free software, the book makes it easy for everyone to create and interpret their own Life Chart. We are proud to have Chetan as an 'i am gr8ful club' contributor and now we can offer you a special price to get a full reading and interpretation of your Human Design chart so that you can better understand the 'real you'. Simply put, Human Design can unlock the door to your success because you know how to work with yourself, which is a very exciting and powerful feeling.

Meet Chetan Parkyn who explains Human Design


BURRY FOSSBurry Foss is also a part of the 'i am gr8ful club'. He is a Human Design practitioner who has taken on this method as his life's work. We believe that Burry's application of Human Design goes hand-in-hand with what the 'i am gr8ful club' is all about: If you can better understand your 'design', your genetic tendency for behaviour and attitude, you can then be better informed to align your SELF with your goals, dreams, desires, success and happiness. As an 'i am gr8ful club' contributor, AND because he simply LOVES what he does, Burry is offering you a full interpretation reading of your Human Design Chart. With this reading you will not only be able to deeply understand your Human Design but also put that information to work for you, in your favour, every single day for the rest of your life. Just click the button to access this amazing offer.

Burry Foss and Kim Serafini talk about her own Human Design Reading