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Enriching Visions?

Enriching Visions has been updated with lots of fresh and exciting content from some of the world’s greatest thought leaders, visionaries and experts! It is now called MindPT and you can access it at MindPT.com.

Welcome to the 'i am gr8ful club' Premium Content page. You can browse the library of videos that will be available to you when you join the 'i am gr8ful club'. This page will be constantly changed and updated with new information and coaching content videos as you progress through your membership. It's important to check back regularly so set a regular reminder for yourself to do so. In each list below you can see the Most Recent videos available to you in each category:

ENRICHING VISIONS: The Enriching Visions videos are your new visualisation "tool", through daily viewing and focusing, for creating the life you love. Below and to the right of the page you can choose what length of the video you would like to watch today. Watch the HOW TO video to find out more about this powerful process.

MONTHLY COACHING: Every month, new coaching videos from 'i am gr8ful club' hosts Kim and Kieron will be added. Please watch these EVERY month. Click MORE at the bottom of the column to see a complete list and any past month's coaching.

GUEST CONTRIBUTORS: Our ever-expanding list of world class contributors will be updated and added to AT LEAST once per month. Again, click MORE at the bottom of the column to see a complete list of currently available contributors and videos.

USEFUL EXERCISES: These are great Thought Starters and Reminders to constantly improve your daily thoughts and actions. These will be updated and expanded regularly too, click MORE at the bottom of the column for a complete list.